In Response to the Odysee Team on Their Derogatory Tweet.

On December 14th, the Odysee team - lead by the LBRY, inc. known for their harassment and disregard for professionalism - posted an announcement for job openings for Autistic workers. The Tweet is extremely derogatory in nature.


 The Tweet, which reads "In Q4 we tripled the hires of women at odysee If you're autistic and want to work with hot babes check out some of the roles we're recruiting for here." This comment is unprofessional, derogatory, and borderline sexual harassment of the women who chose to work there.

The comment of "wanting to work with hot babes" as the main inspiration for supporting the platform in hard work, and trying to convince autistic programmers to join the company based on a sexually degrading comment is absolutely unacceptable.

The Open-Source community needs to stand against sexually harassing comments, advocating the hire of employees based on sexual exploitation. Don't use the bodies and perceived "hotness" of your employees to attract different employees. Tweets like this is how rape culture in companies form. The technology industry should advocate against sexual harassment, to re-invite women - who essentially built the foundations our work stands on today - into the workforce they were pushed out of.


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