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Potabi 1.0 Dev Log: The Final Tasks

With the recent release of Beta-4 1.0A, Potabi is well on its way to being ready to release to the public. Beta-4 was a very difficult release to manage, especially with the concerns of our new ports system. What's in store for Potabi 1.0? What else is left to do? What are the last 3 betas? When are we dropping the A? What will be the final preparations for 1.0? What is Potabi 2.0 going to look like? Potabi 1.0 will essentially be very minimally different to our model: FuryBSD. I wanted to clarify something. No, Potabi is not "based on GhostBSD" as people like RoboNuggie in his 2-for-1 video you should 100% watch, even with this small mistake. That doesn't mean GhostBSD should gain no credit, since its builder is so similar to FuryBSD's, we actually did use some code and files from their project to fix certain issues we were having with FuryBSD's builder. Potabi 1.0's goal in release, as development continued, became less about "getting something per

Why did Kai take a break?

As the release of Beta-4 1.0A Luna draws near, I thought I'd answer the question "why was I on break?" Well, let's just say it had not too much relating to Potabi or the foundation, or the new Indiegogo campaign , the community, or even the amount of work I have been doing. Actually, this break wasn't even because of bad things, I mostly needed it because of an excitingly great thing, but let's talk about what's been going on in my personal life from worst to the main reason I took a break. A lot of difficult things have been happening for me mentally. I am mentally ill (aren't we all), and I have often had panic attacks, hallucinations (auditory, visual, tactile), disillusion, and all that a lot more leading up to the break. I have to manage PTSD, a general anxiety disorder, and any one of the following (diagnosis's change any time I see a new doctor, so they may be correct, wrong, part of the problem, or the opposite of (Take it with a grain of s