Potabi's Biggest Misconception: It isn't BSD.

As the lead developer of Potabi, I take full responsibility for fucking this one up. However, we are actually not a BSD system, it's supposed to be (long-term) a new UNIX branch all together, away from any BSD's. Potabi will later include bits and pieces from all sorts of operating systems, including (but not limited to) ReactOS, Illumos, Linux (clones of what they do at least, because of Linux's borderline-abusive license), HaikuOS, Minix, SerenityOS, and others.

So Potabi plans to basically rework everything in FreeBSD long-term? Why? Instead of taking the SerenityOS route and doing it 100% from scratch, we are going to utilize open-source software that already exists to give us a short term boost. 

But wait, isn't Potabi a "better FreeBSD for desktop and mobile"? Wasn't it a mobile OS? Yes, yes, but also, it's complicated. Potabi was originally just a way for me to get a better mobile OS, then it became bigger and bigger. It has long since not been as simple as the original "build a mobile OS", and it has even been making solid progress. It's still MOSTLY a FreeBSD derivative, but there will be many bootloader changes, software changes, etc, as time goes on. Potabi is now just an operating system to be a third option to those angry with their current. 

But if Potabi isn't BSD? What is it? Well, we are still figuring out a name. I have considered names like "Potabi Software Distribution" "Potabi Software Foundation" "Potabi Foundation Software" "Potabi Distributed Systems", "PTBI", and "Open Potabi Software" (or PSD, PSF, PFS, PDS, PTBI, and OPS), but none of these names really have stuck. Ones that have stuck are "Potential and Ability Software" (PAS), "Software of Potential and Ability" (SPA), "Open Potential and Ability" (OPA), "Open Potabi Potential and Ability Initiative" (OPPAI - Okay, this one MIGHT BE A BACKRONYM for a joke, but who knows.)

We are deciding these names and whether or not they work by adding prefixes of Free, Net, Open, and True behind it. The one that works best is SPA and PAS. FreePAS, NetPAS, OpenPAS, and TruePAS, along with FreeSPA, NetSPA, OpenSPA, and TrueSPA. This is because we want projects to actually derive from our tree.


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