The most painful part of making Potabi: Wasted Effort

We are indefinitely retiring the welcome application (moved to, currently archived) due to technical issues we simply did not expect to deal with. As we just released our previous article on what is holding the beta 3 release from well.. releasing, I decided it was best to cut our losses and work with a more limited scope.

Here is the deal: ElectronJS 15+ doesn't function as I intended it would, and fixing it would not be as possible as I would have hoped. So, I thought it best to share why wasted effort hurts so much, and how it affects Potabi. 

Wasting almost two whole weeks on this issue ALONE has been annoyingly painful and to say the least, just shitty. Whenever I have failed releases, it genuinely feels like getting hit with a rock. Fun fact, three beta 2 attempts have failed. It seriously sucks ass, because when I fail a release, that means I have to give up and fix something - or replace it - immediately or later. 

This was a simple announcement + short rant. It just sucks having failed releases. Hopefully we will see a beta 3 release soon.


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