The Potabi Foundation Endorsements for the Academy School District 20 School Board Election

While we generally do not care for endorsing politics - it is something we have no real say in - we do have endorsements for educational beliefs and support. We strongly believe that our endorsements for candidates in our local area's school board election is important. Students need every right and ability to learn, grow, and work. That is why we are proud to publicly endorse Brian Coram and Michael Riffle for seats in the ASD20 school board elections.

 Michael Riffle (Left) and Brian Coram (Right)

 Elect Michael Riffle to D20 Board of Education           Image of Brian Coram

These two candidates stand for education above politics. I (Kai Lyons, president and founder of the Potabi Foundation) am an active student at Liberty High School in ASD20, and strongly believe that Riffle and Coram are the two obvious candidates for this election.


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