Official Apology: The Social Media Manager Incident

Dear Potabi Foundation Community,

    Recently, over on the @PotabiSystems Twitter, I tried applying a social media manager so I could focus my time on developing the operating system, and working on school. The social media manager I selected was a friend of mine, whom I have worked with before on projects like Discord bots, a website, Novuspax Technologies (an older startup project), among other things.

    Clearly, having trust he would be a good team member, and respectful to the community was a mistake. I take full responsibility for not doing my due diligence as the foundation president for whom would be running our social media accounts.

    Hostile comments were made, and even telling people to "fuck off" based on comments he disagreed with. At the time I had disabled notifications for the Twitter app. He sent me a link to an OMG! Ubuntu article relating to Firefox being installed as a Snap by default while saying "People are crazy hostile over this", and I brought the issue up wondering why that was. After a couple classes, someone did mention the comments being made on the @PotabiSystems Twitter, I went to check, and I confirmed it.

    This bad actor no longer has access to the Twitter, and I apologies for the comments he made. I should have done better making sure the community would have the best experience online, however, that hostility is unacceptable. We are not looking for a new social media manager at this time, as I don't want to make the same mistake twice.

    Thanks for your understanding
    - Kai Lyons, President of The Potabi Foundation


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