Announcing "Package" - The future default package manager for Potabi Systems.

"Wait, don't y'all already make the KIS package manager?" Well, no. KIS is not a package manager, it's a standard for custom package managers that happens to be working on a KIS implementation as an example. Here is the deal, there seems to be a misconception that package management systems for Unix-like systems (including Potabi) should be the same as everyone else. "Everyone should use Snap!" "No, use AppImage!" "Wait! No! Use Flatpak!" "RPM is perfect." "APT has the best packages!" etc. 

First, let's make it clear. Flatpak and AppImage will be supported, because they are popular technologies. Second, the FreeBSD "pkg" package manager will be in Potabi for a long while, until Package can be built with a large set of packages. Lastly, no, the name "Package" isn't directly from FreeBSD's "PKG".

Second, we will not support Snap's, APT, RPM, or other package managers. For some strange reason, Linux systems are using other distribution's package managers. The Ubuntu package manager, known as "Snap", is sold as a cross-platform package management solution, which is bad. The KIS standards is to help make more distributions independent, because package standardization can mean the Linux operating system derivatives don't share their package managers.

Third, why the name? We named "Package" as it is so it can be easier to remember the command. "Snap" is generally easy, but also for new users, just having it be "package" makes it so when someone needs to install this-application-software, they run "package install this-application-software" instead of worrying about a fancy name, acronym, or anything like that.

Package will replace PKG on Potabi in the near future, and it will be how our build system adds packages. We will also eventually remove ports from being preinstalled, but package will have a commands like "package --pull-ports FreeBSD", "package --from-ports this-application-software" if they want to use FreeBSD ports, it will also include support for other ports software, including custom, as long as it has a URL to install from.


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